All Bears Need Love


All Bears Need Love (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)an award-winning picture book, addresses the comments, questions, and curiosities that often accompany adoption.

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Brilliantly done, Tanya Valentine.  Your story not only shows that love is universal, but also that prejudice is a learned behavior.  Multiple good messages are weaved into this tender story.   I wholeheartedly recommend All Bears Need Love!  *** Portrait of An Adoption

Whether you’re a child or adult, connected to the adoption community or not, All Bears Need Love shows–gently and without judgment–the questions adoption brings up and how love ultimately provides the answers. *** My Three Sons

I love this book. My husband was like, “where did you find this?!” He loves this book and has read it to the kids at least 20 times. My kids love it. It really is so good. Thank you, Tanya, for the sweet gift, and for sharing your story in such a way! Your voice is a welcome one. ***Lovely Little Whimsy  

My children enjoy this tale, similar in structure to another favorite by Rudyard Kipling about an elephant asking many questions. I like that it helps me reinforce, in a fun and accessible way, the important message that love is what makes a family. All Bears Need Love is sure to become our new go-to Gotcha Day present. *** The Mommies Network

This would make a great gift for any child this year! *** Dreaming Big Dreams 

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